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Addon clothing for MP Male and Female

  • I'm assuming it wouldn't be that hard to make it an addon, but I don't know about the YMT part though but if someone does manage to make it I have a few suggestions to add.

    400 More tops (jbibs) for both the MP characters
    300 More pants (lowrs) for both the MP characters
    300 More undercoats (accs) for both the MP characters
    100 More shoes (feet) for both the MP characters
    100 More hats and masks (p_head and berd) for both the MP characters
    100 More decals (decl) for both the MP characters
    200 More accessories (teef) for both the MP characters
    200 More armor (task) for both the MP characters
    100 More hairs for both the MP characters
    and 20 textures for each one

    Why that many? Well because of RP or without replacing clothing that you might use. I have the EUP pack in my GTA (Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order) and (Emergency uniforms pack - Serve & Rescue) these add police and other emergency clothing to the MP characters but it replaces a lot of the clothing that Rockstar put in for the MP characters. The list I just mentioned replaces a lot of clothing (besides hair I just want more hair in the game)

    If anyone can tackle this but doesn't or can't add each clothing like (jbib_000, jbib_001, lowr_000) and all the way to how many there are don't add them, just have the archive be empty so that way the people can add what they want without it taking so much time for the person that makes this (hopefully)

  • @TheGreatLugwiny I was just wondering about this myself. I'm working on some new MP clothing, but it's super annoying only having a handful of texture slots to work with for most items. I'll probably give the YMT editing a shot soon just to see how complicated it is, but I'm really not code savvy so who knows how it'll go. I'm surprised no one's uploaded edited ymt files with like 200 extra texture slots yet, they'd be a hero to many.

  • @nixiecove I do think it is definitely possible to get more clothing and texture slots just not sure how to do it. Best of luck to you when you tackle the YMT part!

  • @TheGreatLugwiny I don't even think there are 1900 unique models for the MP character. 400 tops is a huge overshot tbh. Considering there are only 8664 player mods at the moment, I think you'd be fine with replacements/very little addons

  • @Ze-Krush Yeah maybe not 400 but somewhere around 200 for all of them. I know there are not that many mods for the MP characters. It would be a nice addition to add instead of replacing clothing that Rockstar made for the characters.

  • I don't know how to make any add on dlcs, but you can create more clothing slots using this. Copy and paste more lines in the file mp_m_freemode_01.ymt at around line 6464 to add more tops (jbib) to the game.

  • @Shanelson Looks interesting, I'll check it out.

    Edit: Tried it, didn't work, sadly.

  • @TheGreatLugwiny Hmm, weird it works for me. I've added a lot of tops with texture spots for a-z too. Oh, I forgot to mention that you have to put in the last patch that had a updates freemode_m model/texture. Right now I think thats at:

    (Sorry for taking awhile respond, I never got a notification)

  • @TheGreatLugwiny Here's a little more help: I suggest getting Notepad++. Once you've converted mp_m_freemode_01.ymt to a .xml using the other program, open it in notepad++. Go to View > Collapse Level > 3. You should see a whole bunch of <Items> from line 9-6464 (its different on mine cause I've added lines). Here are the lines that I've gotten (it will be slightly different for you):

    Props are all the way at the bottom at like line 13300

    Copy the same format that the other items are at and paste them in, make sure everything lines up
    Save and convert it back to .ymt, then drop it in patchday12ng (I think). Hope this helps!

  • @Shanelson It took a while but I got it to work, thanks!

  • @TheGreatLugwiny No problem! :)

  • If anyone of you would be able to put a tutorial on this topic or somewhere else, that would be cool, im really interested in hopefully adding in clothes than remplacing them .

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