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[SCRIPT] The Purge script....

  • Here's how the idea goes... One designated night a week for 12 hours, no toggle switch it's fully automated, the streets have no traffic no parked cars.

    There are specific cars driving around recklessly. Any vehicle with a mounted gun or armor plating.

    Pedestrians, half are running away, half are chasing. There's already the perfect set of pre-made pedestrians... the zombie, the superhero, clowns, throw some masks in there, hookers, etc.... Make some crazy hordes too.

    Throw in the siren from the film initiating the start of the annual purge. Have a few random planes crash down.

    Make it easy to install, no map edits, no modded cars.

    Sure, there are mods similar to this idea but require a toggle switch and just don't feel right.

  • An active request for a Purge script already exists.

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