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Vehicle Mods not working with dlclist.xml

  • I downloaded a few vehicle mods and ive followed the readme.txt files and followed every step, but i cant seem to load the vehicles in the game.

    ive managed to replace 2 vehicles but i cant add any using dlclist.cml

    here are the 2 that are not working:


    both have the dlc.rpf in the dlcpacks folder.

    is there something im doing wrong?

    i managed to get the velociraptor mod working but after i replaced the karin rebel with the 2012 ford raptor, none of the
    mods want to work.

    how do i fix?

  • EDIT:
    I've tried replacing gameconfig.xml about 5 times with diffrent files.
    it either ends up crashing or not loading the mods

    Ive tried replacing the / to \ and still no luck.

  • @MaximumMatt

    You are missing a backslash etc after the dlc name? (sometimes the site removes characters when you post without using a code block so I just want to confirm they are actually missing in your 'dlclist.xml'?)
    To be correct they should look like this:


    backslash or forwardslash doesn't matter. The other thing to look out for is that the Item/item's of any one line both either start with a capital 'I' or a lowercase 'i'. No mixing & matching.

    Lines like this:


    are easy to miss & will stop those dlc from loading.

    How to use a code block:

    Copy these three lines then paste info over this line & then copy & post entire thing :thumbsup:
    & it will appear like this:

    Copy these three lines then paste info over this line & then copy & post entire thing :thumbsup: 

  • @a63nt-5m1th both back slashes are there. i copied the dlc name directly from the readme file.


    @MaximumMatt said in Vehicle Mods not working with dlclist.xml:

    i copied the dlc name directly from the readme file

    then I suspect your orientation of the / is wrong

  • @ReNNie @MaximumMatt

    I tested 2x backslash:


    2x frontslash:


    & even 1x backslash/1x frontslash:


    & it is all the same. My dlc's load & spawn correctly no matter the combination as long as there are two of them in the right place so I guess we can remove that as a variable. :thumbsup:

    Make sure your 'dlclist.xml' is in this format at the bottom:




    are the last two lines. Nothing below them.
    In fact, post your entire 'dlclist.xml' here so we can have a look at it & see if anything jumps out. Maybe post the Karin Rebel/Raptor data files also (handling/vehicles/carvariations/carcols.meta) if this happened immediately after those changes or you can get your dlc's to spawn by removing the Karin Rebel edits (make backups & replace mod folder '.rpf's that contain Karin Rebel data with vanilla ones to check quickly etc).
    Use the code block method or upload to Pastebin :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th i was missing the </Paths> in the dlclist. i added it and now everything is working! thanks bro

  • @MaximumMatt
    :thumbsup: Enjoy

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