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Michael movement style change

  • Hello guys.

    How can I change permanently Michael's movement style to generic male movement?
    Thank you

  • You can easily change that by using a trainer like Menyoo for example. I don't know if you really need a script for that butr if you want t it would be quite easy to make. If you know the basics of prgramming you can easilyjust put the commeand to get the name of the player character at the initialization o the game o you can as well do it OnTick if you like switching between characters. Then all you gotta do is simply do a commad to change the movement like this: Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_MOVEMENT_CLIPSET, Game.Player.Character, AnimationName, 1.0f); The animation name would be ''move_m@generic''. If you don#t really knwo how to do this you can later just simply message me.

  • I am trying to save aand assign a specific walk style for my mp_female using menyoo
    i have chosen move@stripclub_walk how do i save it onto the "movement styles" section of Menyoo?

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