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Memory Error Help

  • Game always crashes and says Out of memory, please restart game.
    All I use is Natural Vision and like 3 cars

  • I need more information about your computer specs please ? Are you over 8GB of RAM ?

  • @dionys19 What does it even mean this Memory Error?
    I also get this ,I'm running Natural Vision ,with 21 car mods (but that doesn't effect it) only when I add a train (train xlm )and my coolers from the processor start to spin when I use the self radio ???Like it cost more strain from the processor ??!!
    Everything in the settings and in my Nvidea dashboard is on full.
    I just want the best graphics .
    My specs are :4790K on 44.00 Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R
    32 GB G,Skill Ripjaws 1800 MHz
    1080TI Asus ROG strix Gamming
    Maximus Hero VII
    1TB SSD and for my games a 500 GB SSD
    XFX Pro power 1500 Watts
    Windows 10 64Bits
    And I only play on ........1080/1920 100Hz 50 inch Pioneer Kuro Plasma
    Nothing overclocked .
    So what am I doing wrong ?

    Maybe you can help .

    Regards Kenneth John

  • @KennethJohn @JimBlood the game memory error have nothing to do with your pc memory if I'm right...if the game crash for the reason of your memory usage it would just give you error which is saying 'game stopped work' and give you buttons 'close game' and another one (I don't remember what it wrote there, check solution or something like that).

    I'm modding on 8GB RAM pc and my mods folder have over 100GB, hundreds of mods and no game memory error. Game memory error reveal when you replace or add something wrong or any archive is too big.

    For example:

    if your x64e.rpf would have over 4GB (some DLC PATCH folder can have over 4GB, but most of them can't...for addons I recommend keep rpf archives under 2.4 GB) and you spawn or come somewhere where reveal any model from this archive, you would get game memory error.

    if you replace any vehicle with special skill for example blazer4 which can swim, processor or deluxo which can fly with normal vehicle. You change handling (so you have no more subhandling for special skill of that vehicle) and don't change pfxt and car type in vehicles.meta, you would get game memory error when you spawn it but in this case can be on the start of the game or even would don't load your game

    when you make any other mistake in important datas of any model and you spawn that model or come to the place where it reveal, you get game memory error

  • @ArmaniAdnr : First of thank you for your fast response .
    And great advice .
    I took out the train xlm. replaced it with the original and it was fine .I also alter some of the vehicle.meta to adjusted the seats (I drive a lot in first person )
    And it also happened when I put the tree mod in first nothing changed and it gave the memory error .

    But why does the pc struggle with my self radio files ? (at least the fans of the cpu start spinning , they never did that before with my GTX 690 )

    Regards Kenneth John

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