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Friend's Account banned for "Uploading stolen mods"

  • @administrators

    quite a long time ago a friend of mine uploaded a mod for "xxxtentacion hair", and he accidentally dragged somebody else's face tats as the file instead of the hair, he stated that he quickly deleted the mod after he received comments about the wrong file, he was banned for "Uploading stolen mods" shortly after. He'd really like to come back to 5mods, and he's been pretty passionate about making clothing mods/player mods.

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  • @Jonathan6506
    Although I agree with you, he deleted his mod prior to being banned. He realized what he did once he had a comment.

    I would like a reply from an actual moderator/administrator though.

  • @Jonathan6506 That's kinda fucked really he makes an honest mistake and you treat it like it's the end of the world

  • This post is deleted!


    @Ze-Krush unbanned his account, he can get back in as I hope he's learnt his lesson now

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