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Curious as to ScriptHookVDotNet error lines

  • Game 1.0.1493.0. I was looking at the log and wondered if the error lines were due to mod issues (out of date DLLs with new game update) or something I can fix. I've the latest Nativeui. The log is short and here: https://pastebin.com/qgTjaupK

    I'm not screeching for help! Just curious as to what this means. Thank you.

  • Two of those scripts are trying to access a function in NativeUI.dll that doesn't exist. Grabbing the latest dll from GitHub should fix it.

  • @stillhere
    Thank you. The last I got was 1.7 from the https://gtaforums.com/topic/809284-net-nativeui/ site. This seems to be same iteration as the GitHub version.

  • Ah, then it's possible that AddonGuards and PedSelector expect an older version of NativeUI. But going back to an older version might break scripts that require the latest version. You can try older versions on the off-chance that it is compatible with all your scripts. Another option is to ask the authors to update their scripts for version 1.7.

  • @stillhere OK, thank you. I had a feeling that might be the case and it's very useful to know this kind of log entry shows that. Many thanks for your time and help!

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