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Where to upload over 100 GB ?

  • I want discuss and ask for y'all experiences where to upload over 100 GB. For now I see the google drive with 10 USD/month and visibility for everybody who have link would be best way.

    But another question is for the moderators if it would be able link 'donwload' button on this page with this link to the google drive? :thinking:

  • @ArmaniAdnr I don't see why you can't. You're trying to upload a mod here right?

  • @krashadam I've tried this before but it doesn't work mind you that was very early on and they only allowed txt files with the provided link to the mod

  • @krashadam I'm not yet, just going to start testing so I'm asking these question to upload files for testers at the server where it would be in finall too (:
    @SLY95ZER damn I totally forgot on this 'trick' that's easy and clean way, you're right

    So now is only question if there is better place to upload that big file that Google Drive or Google Drive is best place for it (:


    What is so big you need 100GB?

  • @ArmaniAdnr Gdrive or mega are fast.If you are unable to link it you can always have text file with the link inside it.There was a service infiniti.com and degoo.com to transfer large amount of data, But I didn't use them.I cant say much as 100gb 0_0 but last option of the galaxy is torrent the file.

  • @ReNNie as we're writing in another topic it's that full moded gta (I'm writing it here for these interesting about these theme and your question who don't saw taht topic) which I believe, the creators of at least 90% mods allow me reupload their mods on this site in that pack. Who don't allow, his/her mod would be replaced to don't break his ownerships...

    @Yogeshk infiniti opened me car brand wbeiste...degoo looks great with the same price for 2TB as the google have for 1TB would check and compare it thanks a lot (:

  • @ArmaniAdnr Ahh I have just checked the infinti cloud storage services and it has been shutdown.Its good thing I never bought its cloud service. As for degoo, I do understand its pricing but do a little search before investing on any cloud service regards download speed limit (if any) , services stopping notice, etc.Otherwise services like mega,one drive and gdrive are the only one which should not shutdown anytime soon.Otherwise the torrent is a free option with a downside of continuous seeding.

    Otherwise you can split files in different section and upload from different accounts and post link in a txt file.Seems there's a lot that can be done.Hope something helped.

  • @Yogeshk yep that's right that's what I would compare, to not only upload it fast but first of all to allow people download it fast and to be sure the service wouldn't be shutted down every second week for example.

    I think not everybody is using torrent (I think 90% of people yes, but anyway), so want it make most easy to access download. For same reason I would more likely invest few € monthly for cloud than make it harder for people to download it from xy links (:

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