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Map Editor

  • Hello! I'd like some answers to my questions.
    I think many users have noticed this...
    Sometimes there are very cool modifications on the site, they develop, the author supports them, and then disappears after some time... Why is this happening?
    For example, take the author of the program "Map Editor". I believe that this is the best tool for this game... But it has not been updated for a hundred years.. I tried to find at least some information about why this mod is no longer updated, but could not.
    Can someone help me, please?

  • @RDK_Ulman If you are looking for updated objects, their are other mod creator who have made it for Map editor like mod from Ferret_3 and others.The up-loader may not have updated the mod anymore because the interface of the mod is finalized or the mod is completed and just needs to update the object list as rock-star games keeps updating its dlc's .

    The difference will however be if the mod is facing issue such as crash due to dlc updates, crash with scripthookv or the script not working anymore.I didn't see Guadmaz - map editor mod in the broken/abandoned mods thread by jitnaught.

    But the Guadmaz has been online a few months back in mid-April 2018 so best possibility is that the interface of the mod is final and all just to be updated is the object list.Other possibility that he maybe working on something else.

    If you are looking for a different map mods, others I know is Map community SP and Menyoo [I use it but it is not updated anymore].Also if you need to ask something specific you can try contacting the owner of the mod.

    For the user who have noticed mods being disappeared, there is mostly a reason behind them.I am not going say much because no detailed info is available.

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