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Building Modifications and Visibility

  • Hey all,

    I've been spending the last couple days acquainting myself with 3DS Max, GIMS, and the overall GTA V file structure when it comes to building, in the hope of modifying a pre-existing GTA V building to include additional rooms.

    The building I am currently attempting to edit is the Mission Row interior (As a first test, since I know of so many unopened doors in this building).

    The plan is, on paper, simple:
    🗹 Remove the non-openable doors (Wall materials) from the .ydr file
    🗹 Remove all door/wall collisions from the .ybn file
    🗹 Add additional walls to make a hallway/room
    🗹 Add additional collision to make sure people can actually enter the room
    ☐ Full, 360-degree room visibility

    As you may be able to see, I'm caught up on the last part. The room works great. I can stand in it, run into walls, shoot walls, and even interact with them (depending on the type of collision). The issue I have is that the walls disappear or go invisible sometimes when standing inside the room. I assume this is due to the fact that I am, in essence, building in the void, but the specific area I'm building in has been modified before and I've seen it modified before, leading me to believe I'm simply missing something. Below is everything that I've tried so far (Will update as I try more):
    • Collision on all walls
    • Moving the whole addition down (It was intercepting a wall)
    • Searching files for an additional file to edit

    To be clear, the files I am editing are:
    • hei_heist_policedlc_shell.ydr (Model)
    • hei_heist_police_dlc.ybn (Collision)

    Any help is greatly appreceited!

  • Providing a minor update, but still looking for some help... I've heard the term "occlusion" thrown around a couple times in a couple videos, but have yet to see anybody do anything with any kind of occlusion file or modification. I've been told that occlusion modifies what is visible when you're in GTA V.

    Perhaps this is an occlusion issue, not allowing me to see parts of the room I've constructed. With some further testing, I've found that looking in the 180-degrees towards the Mission Row building causes me to be able to see all of the walls/floors/roofs, but looking in the 180-degrees away from from the Mission Row building makes everything disappear.

    As mentioned, any help is still greatly appreciated.

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