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.ymt file editing?

  • been away from the game for over a year, can we still not edit .ymt files? i wish to look inside cameras.ymt and a few other files. is this still not possible? wanted to update my postfx mod and try and find out how to disable the forced postfx on cutscenes.

  • I think we can only modify the resource files, no PSO files.

  • damn that blows, thought there might be tools available by now :(

  • @Creftor I do not do .ymt editing or any sort.So I would say you should look for tools in the site or google.Hopefully there maybe something which I do not know of.If not look for any mod which may resemble your aim for .ymt editing and try contacting the mod creator to know how to.

    If you cant find it then maybe we currently just don't.Maybe try contacting someone experienced like a moderator / mod creator too.

  • i already looked long and hard that's why i asked here, looks like no one every made a tool, well one person did on gtaforumms but never finished it for some reason.


    afaik ymt files in the metadata folder are inaccessible to mortals

  • Rennie is not wrong per se, but the truth is a bit more nuanced than that. There are currently 3 remaining .ymt files which can't be loaded when converted and edited. Cameras.ymt is one of those files. Even though the file is partially readable(there is a number of bruteforced hashes in there), the file is unfortunately set up in way, that requires the engine to load it as a PSO. This means that we can convert it to .XML and edit it, but we can not "stealth" convert it back and use it, because the game detects that it is not a "real" PSO.

    The two other files in this category are pedpersonality.ymt and firingpatterns.ymt.
    Both of those are 99% readable though.

    Every other file with a .ymt extension is both editable and able to load. Some of them consist almost only of unreadable hashes, but a lot of them are very usable.

    I hope this answer will clarify the current status of .ymt editing for you.

    Have a nice day and happy modding.

  • excuse my dumbness, but what is a PSO? i guess r* really did want us messing with stuff ay?
    i'm not a fan of developers who lock up game content and don't allow tweaking, modding and general tinkering. piracy...cheating..blah blah are usually the excuses. or if you are devs such as dice, you're just mean sob's.

  • anyone remember the bf3 file tweaker that was extremely short lived? (creator didn't think things through when sharing it as it allowed changing not only postfx but client side stuff such as weapon settings)
    so dice ended up encrypting their already untweakable game files to even more so.

    i hope one day someone unlocks all the files in gta 5 so we can all mod / tweak it to the max.

  • It has been 2 years and stillno change of these ymt files. I was only able to edit pedpersonality.ymt file through codewalker, but other two fileswhichIreally want to edit, cameras.ymt and firingpatterns.ymt, I can edit them with codewalker, but they're not changed as normal names. I was able to only findfiringpatterns hash explanation. So I did made my own firing patterns, butthats still not solved. I had to save file as new,as ymt.pso.xml file. Which is readable and editable but I dont knowhow to convert it back to original pso file.

  • @Zentoria even Currently OPENIV doesn't support it so maybe we still cant.....

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