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Mission Impossible - Fallout Save Prisoner [Menyoo]

  • Most of you i'm sure you already saw the new movie of Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible - Fallout) with this mod using Menyoo i tried to bring you the similar scene Prisoner Trasnfer when Ethan Hunt (saves) kidnap the Prisoner.

    This mod is not more like a MAP because it has to do with Sequence Jobs means when you load map and you start Sequences immediately peds will enter in their cars and will start driving from the police station into the destination or position which is the JAIL.

    You have all the time to deal with the "ESCORT" until they arrive in the jail, but don't worry they won't enter in the jail they will wait outside for the verification of transfer that means you can deal with them even after arriving in the destination.

    In the Escort i've added:
    1 Helicopter - 4 Swat armed peds (Enemy)
    2 Jeeps - each 4 Swat armed peds (Enemy)
    2 Motorcycles - each 1 Highway cop armed ped (Enemy)
    1 Unmarked Car - 2 Cops armed (Enemy)
    1 Police cruiser - 2 Cops armed (Enemy)
    1 Riot - 2 Swat armed peds (Enemy) and Prisoner in the back (Neutral)


    1. To save the Prisoner, after you deal with all cops (escort), blow the RIOT (explode) truck and Prisoner will get out of the car, and you can Recruit him as your friend using Simple Trainer or any other script, or if you wan't to kidnap him use LSPDFR mod to arrest or HostageV mod.
    2. During the "Escort" you need to enable "No Cars" option from the Trainer otherwise will be mess.
    3. If you don't want the sequence to start immediately like i did on the video use these steps in Menyoo:
      Open Menu and go to Object Spooner --> Manage Saved Files --> Select the file --> and Uncheck option: Start Task Sequences Immediately
    4. How to Start the Sequences Manually?
      Follow these steps:
      Open Menyoo Menu and go to: Object Spooner --> Edit Multiple Entities Simultaneously --> Select Entities --> SELECT ALL ->> get back and Select "Start Task Sequences" and the Mission will start.

    Download link under the video

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Check the video and let me know your thoughs:

    Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/m-i-f-fallout-scene-mission-menyoo

    Here is example of the Movie scene:

  • Also maybe you will have to move your upload to misc or maybe maps and not in the scripts. :)

  • @Yogeshk As i said this doesn't look more like a map because has to do with Sequences but since this has been created with Menyoo i agree that should be in Map section same as moderators did nothing wrong at all thanks for the info :smile:

  • @Yogeshk This theme is of old movies here is the new theme from the new movie

  • @NaughtyBoy :smile: I remember my first upload, The very first comment I got was hey move it to misc as its not a script lol ironic xD. New music theme Xd .I did the map its a good idea.

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