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Pc shutting down when play gta 5

  • So i have a problem that my pc is shutting down when i play gta 5 or watch dogs 2, i can not turn it on unless is pull the plug out of my psu, pres the on button of my pc about 10 times and plug it back in. I play games like battlefield 1 and far cry 5 flawlessly on my pc and they stress my cpu and gpu more then gta5 and watch dogs2. I did overclock my cpu to 4.4 ghz and my gpu but i tried without any overclock and the same thing happend.

    AMD FX8350
    GTX970 MSI twinforzr
    Corsair CX600
    16gb ddr3 1333mhz

    My temps are good, evrything sits below 65°C exept the gpu that likes to go up to 70°C with an overclok

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