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[WIP] Grand Theft Auto : Nightclub Business

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Nice! I was worried the hiatus was going to be a while. Good to know things are still coming along.

  • So just to post some updates - with help of UnknownModder i managed to get the cutscenes fully working like GTA Online, so now i can play the "proper" parts of the cutscene, if you play the cutscene with a trainer you can notice that there's multiple variations of dialogue for each club name and they play after each other, with this way, only one variation is selected like it should be
    alt text

  • what is the status now and is there already a release date known because I would really like this mod?

  • Really cool

  • Thread is going to be updated soon and the mod will be living again, currently I'm focusing on another even bigger project than this, I can't say details but it's going to be amazing, with that being said, a lot of assets for this mod are going to be reworked, some stuff is gonna get scrapped and put into other mods, stay tuned for more information about Los Santos' Nightlife

    //Edit - post updated, not final

  • Some extra notes - i decided to scrap other clubs since they were quite useless, instead im letting people choose the name for the club (so you aren't stuck with Maionaise Maisonette LS)
    old EFLC weapon ports i wanted to add are going to be scrapped from this pack they will be released separately in LC Weapon Package including all other IV/EFLC weapons with working tints and such (including few additional weapons)

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