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s_m_m_paramedic | adding extra clothing?

  • Hi,

    I have edited the texture for the Paramedic skin, and that by it's self shows up fine in OpenIV.

    My objective though is to have multiple clothing options accessible in game that have different variations, mainly the epaulets (rank insignias) on the shoulders.

    How does one edit the ped so that it uses multiple variations beyond the three (excluding diff_001, thats the jacket)?

    In simpler terms,

    I wish to have multiple ranks on the same uniform, so they can be accessed in FiveM. I can make 3 different ranked versions with the 3 different skin colored diff_000's, but there is more than 3 ranks that I need to make and have accessible in the game. How would I be able to have more than the three diff_000's mapped to the ped?

    I saw the post and the video by Alex about editing .ymt files, but that just confuses me and + the audio on his video isnt in sync with the actual video so the numbers and things that he is saying doesnt match up with the video.

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