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Easy install vehicle addons?

  • I read instructions to install ADD ON vehicles and there is ALOT of hassle for "nothing"

    If I am right the vehicles dont even appear on streets if its an add-on?

  • @totte1015 You are wrong. You can make add-on vehicles appear on the streets, just installing an add-on isn't enough, you need to edit popgroups.ymt. And vehiclemodelsets.meta.

  • Alright, that doesnt make this easier since there is ALOT of steps...

    Is there still no program that installs vehicles easily? (I asked this one year ago and nothing back then)

  • @totte1015 Sounds like you are lazy, installing an add-on can be done in 2 minutes. xD

  • @Akila_Reigns said in Easy install vehicle addons?:

    @totte1015 Sounds like you are lazy, installing an add-on can be done in 2 minutes. xD

    No it can not. Dont pretend to be such a wiseguy.

    Its hard for people that usually doesnt do this

  • @totte1015 I'm not pretending to be a wise guy, I can help you about adding cars to popgroups.ymt and making them appear on LS streets if you want.

  • It can be done in two minutes though. Especially if you have the most common directories saved in your Favourites list in OpenIV. It's a matter of moving files to dlc_patch, editing dlclist.xml (keep an updated copy in a folder somewhere), then copying the dlclist.xml over. But editing the popgroups.. yeah I have no idea lol

  • @stillhere popgroups.ymt is tricky because you can't just export it from OpenIV, you have to find another one on the internet first... and then you have to be sure that it's untouched.

  • @LeeC2202 Yes, the only one I could find on the site is the one in Southern San Andreas Exotic Traffic mod, but it has all the dlc cars added, but it's not a problem to non-pirated users.

  • @Akila_Reigns That's interesting to know... the only one I found was the one from the XBox 360 version, elsewhere on the net.

  • So... No way to install add-on mods without tons of previous knowledge

    As I see in the instructions its always that the author already thinks I have done all this shit, dlc blabla put into text blabla, I dont fucking understand shit

  • @totte1015 If you don't like to learn how to install add-on vehicles, you can always replace vanilla vehicles,. That's pretty easy.

  • @totte1015 Well, that's just how it is. No-one ever said modding was easy.
    If you want the reward then you're just gonna have to put in the effort.

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