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Missing Yacht

  • I noticed this after After Hours update when Yacht Deluxe script stopped working, that I have no Yacht in the game at the beach where it was originally 'parked'. I mean that vanilla yacht which was using in missions too, I hope everybody know what I mean.

    The script Yacht Deluxe didn't want load, it wrote me error about loading this script at the game loading and didn't continue loading game. So I had to simply delete this script. Then my game start normally, but I have no Yacht there.

    I have original GTA version of course so if I delete anything from vanilla files it would search for it and download it back. So I have no idea what files I have to check or what can be problem. Any ideas please? If need some more information I would provide it. I have tons of mods but deleting of mods and script folder didn't help.

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