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[SCRIPT]Steering Wheel Animation

  • Hello everyone,

    Especially ones who does like simulation games and car driving like me, GTA world has one the best promises for experiencing Open World action gaming, with several mods, thanks to the modding community. Mods like;

    -Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support v4.6.3

    -Gear Shifting Animation 3.0

    -Realistic Driving V v2.5

    Are great way to experience simulation, however, I think in FPS mod when driving, steering wheel limiting itself with only 180 degrees of turning steering wheel animation like diving a toy car. I know there're a lot skilled modders around the community who can fix this problem, and turn GTA V even more realistic.

    Just take a look at that youtuber dude's videos and imagine how awesome it could be:

    Thanks for your time and I hope someone could come up with some ideas.

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