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ThePredator Ped crashes game when renamed

  • I installed the Predator ped using Open IV. I renamed the files to Predator from ThePredator. I then created the Ped in AddonPeds editor with the name Predator. When activating the Ped it caused the game to crash and now the game will not run. It just crashes while loading. I have removed the files with Open IV and the Ped from AddonPed but the game still crashes during loading. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  • It appears this Ped crashes the game anyway even if installed with its original name.
    How to correct the issue:
    Using Open IV in editor mode delete all files.
    Delete the Ped with AddonPeds editor (don't forget to rebuild)
    Delete the OpenIV.asi from the game folder.
    Then re-launch Open IV and reinstall the the OpenIV ASI with tools ASI manager.

  • SOLUTION: Apparently there is a limit to Addon Peds and that is 14. If you add a 15th it crashes the game. No matter which ped you add. My Predator now works!
    UPDATE: I have been informed that there is a gameconfig mod available here that will eliminate the limitation for AddonPeds.

  • Solution Update:
    Installed gameconfig.xml from


    This resolved my AddOnPeds Limitation

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