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Essential mods for GTA V on PC?

  • Hi,

    I was a dedicated GTAV player on Xbox as most of my friends game there. Now that I want to do another story run I've decided to get the game on PC to make use of my gaming rig.

    Which mods are the most essential for the best experience. The one I'm most interested in are the physics and visual mods.

    Cheers everyone

  • @gangukabeta just browse little bit the forum, few weeks ago was anyone asking for these, about month and half ago another person...there is more than one topic with this theme and you would find there answers and tips for mods which are recommended to install first for which experiences etc. I think we neeed topic in tutorials for this coz many newcoming people ask this :grin: maybe I would try find time to do that next week :ok_hand:

  • @gangukabeta I just make the time during waiting for the job call and there is the result, hope it would answer your questions :ok_hand:

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