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Car addons crashing the game, help me with a fix PLEASEEE

  • Hi im having some problems with add-ons, my game is not cracked if you may ask and yeah when im installing some cars addons (first time when i installed my first car and spanwed it with a trainer works perfectly) but when i was trying to install at least 5 cars with a gameconfig installed ofc, my game crashes in loading screen and showing me the window (GTA5 has stopped working) and i dont know why is doing this.. i mean i installed the addons into the "mods" folder from open IV and still nothing. This is my third time when im reinstalling the game because of that :( any ideas how to fix that thing please?


    a) why would you reinstall the game when you can just remove the dlc you're working on?

    b) if the game is crashing on startup whereas it was working with the custom gameconfig.xml before, you're making mistakes in some of the meta files or content.xml or setup2.xml. Think of syntax stuff like a typo or missing an opening or closing statement or even missing a single < or > somewhere

  • Not sure this will help but I noticed after installing, adding a new vehicle or mods of any sort, sometimes rage/gtav will crash to desktop then I would sometimes have to physically go to the file of the mods I just added in the folder and click on properties and then unblock permissions. I don't use addon vehicles just replace so I'm not totally sure if your doing it right. I think you have to add a few lines to certain meta files when adding vehicles, but I only tried this with one addon and I had problems with it so I just do replacement cars. Much easer.

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