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mod help please

  • So i recently wanted to get the flash mod (

    ) and did what he did. Later i wanted to add skins for example the black flash, reverse flash and savitar and a couple others. What i found out was that when i was editing my mods folder in the gta 5 main directory using OpenIV was that i could only have one skin at the time otherwise my game would crash on startup when i tried to load it into storymode. I was in this directory (Mods, update, x64, dlcpacks, addonpeds, dlc.rpf, peds.rpf) in openIV adding skins and yes i had edit mode enabled and yes i used addonpeds to add em, i opened the program addonpeds and added every ped with the exact same name that appeared in the openIV software at the directory i said earlier. I didnt include the things after the dot or the dot itself (example the file was named SavitarCW.yft and i put in SavitarCW in the addonpeds program. It would suck if i couldnt have more mods cause then i cant fight the AI either. And also yes i have tried to put in different skins but i can only seem to get one at a time to work otherwise a crash happens, I have tried to fresh install everything but to no avail. I would greatly appreciate the help in fixing this issue for my and feel free to ask me about any more details that i may have left out here, Thanks in advance! :D

  • Perfect entertainment choice

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/add-peds-oiv-generator-tool
    This is a free OIV generator tool, and it is much more easier to install peds. Just put in the files, select movement, enter name, and generate an OIV package for OpenIV. I hope you know how to install OIV.

    And, If your game is still crashing, reply here again. I know how to fix that.

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