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Adding a lite option of a mod to a page.

  • I recently released a update to my V - Cyberpunk 2077 (Female Version) [Add-On Ped] and i noticed that some people are having problems running this, and i assume this is due to the uncompressed textures in the mod. I can go and compress the textures but i dont want the people who can run it to miss out on the higher quality.

    I want to know if there is a way to prompt the person downloading the mod which version they want a bit like how the Nexus takes you to a download page, because I noticed that my mod hasn't done that well, and i think its due to the large file size and people not wanting to download a 247mb file. (there is 180 textures lol)

    I want as many people to be able to have access to my mods because I 3d model all mine from scratch and hand sculpt all the details and i put a lot of work into them but I want to be able to future proof them :)

    Here a image showing why I choose to use a uncompressed texture:

    alt text

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