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Purging deleted posts, is this an administrator thing?

  • @rappo I currently have a post in my WIP thread that I had deleted. It is all greyed out and has the option to Purge the post. It won't let me do that though, it says I don't have enough privileges.

    Is this something that will happen naturally as part of the site garbage collection, or do I need to request it?

    P.s. Sorry for the endless stream of questions. :(

  • @LeeC2202 Moderators and administrators can purge posts. If you're able to report the post, go ahead and do that and we'll delete it.

  • @rappo I went to report it and it disappeared in front of my eyes. Good job really, the only options I had were Edit, Restore and Purge. So if you did that, thank you. :)

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