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No mods working at all?

  • I just restarted my game, now literally not one of my mods is spawning, GTA 5 redux isnt working even though the loading screen and music is from the redux mod. No addon cars are being read at all. help!


    @Krad Please be a little more specific, like this

  • Sorry, well before i restarted the game all my mods worked perfectly fine, replace and dlc. As i went to put in a new add on mod the game starts like normal and only replace mods are working. I thought it would be the mod i just put in so i double checked, re installed the mod and removed that mod too to test if it was the cause of it. Even with the mod removed none of the dlc cars are working. Ive double checked the code in dlc list and its completely fine, i compared it with the default dlclist in original files. Im not sure where the cause of this is. GTA 5 redux is installed on my games, when i launch the game the gta 5 redux logo and music works. However in game redux isnt working at all.

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