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Indestructible street signs can't run them over.

  • Hi all, I was quite boggled by this when I was driving around and each time I hit a Stop sign, a Caution sign, street lights, or traffic signs my car comes to a complete stop like I hit a wall. I thought that's how GTA V was suppose to be until i saw some gameplay footage of others on youtube and the environment is completely destructible...

    I tried to type in every combination of words as I possibly can onto google search but nothing shows up at all about this issue.

    I can't run over anything in game except pedestrians or other cars, trashcans etc. Does anyone know why?


    In this video, cars runs over all the signs, my game it would stop and signs wouldnt budge

    Thank you

  • @Spaarda
    '<fMass value=' in 'handling.meta'. This value of mass doesn't affect handling in ANY way. The value is ONLY used in calculations to do with collisions/crashes/one vehicle pushing another/vehicle hitting object etc.
    I couldn't find a way to decrease the mass of stop signs etc (which would have been the perfect solution with the most control) so have settled on increasing the mass of all vehicles by a factor of ten (see example below).


        <Item type="CHandlingData">
          <fMass value="18000.000000" /> x10. default is '1800'.

    This allows me to smash through small signs without much (if any) loss of speed. Ideally I'd like the streetlights to be solid (like vanilla) rather than being able to drive through them as I can now but I haven't found a way to reduce object/prop mass.

    GTAV Handling Editors or Notepad++'s find & replace functionality will help ease the burden of changing all values manually :thumbsup:

  • This post is deleted!

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    Thanks ill try this.

    But wait, so are you saying that the Vanilla game no one can run over anything on the streets? like parking meters, stop signs?

    Im quite confused as to what happened to my game.

  • @Spaarda
    In the vanilla game you CAN run over small signs. The ones like this you can anyway:


    but they totally slow down/destabilise your car. Streetlamps are more solid & won't budge for most cars but can be knocked down by big vehicles like Lorries/Trucks/Big Rigs etc.
    There are also small objects like certain bollards etc that cannot be run over even with 10x the vehicle mass of vanilla so there is quite a large variation in object/prop mass of things that CAN be run over & also a lot of other things that can NEVER be run over.
    Generally though, with vanilla mass small signs could be knocked down (albeit with loss of momentum) & streetlamps can't (they'll usually stop a car dead but big vehicles can knock them down pretty easily).

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Hey thanks for the help,
    I resolved this by reinstalling GTA V. All Signs, including streetlamps, benches, power generators can be knocked down and ran over now. Still not sure what mod caused the issue, as before in the picture you posted even that cause my car to a dead stop.

    Thanks anyway

  • @Spaarda
    Sometimes a reinstall is the easiest or only answer. :thumbsup:
    Recently had an issue where shooting into water caused massive artifacts to appear all over the screen. It was an absolute mission to fix. Looked like GPU overclocked too far etc but in the end I reckon some corruption snuck in somewhere, possibly in the windows registry as only reinstalling GTA V to a new location solved it. If I reinstall the game back to where it was before it breaks again :confused: .
    I'm happy enough with the new location but if that hadn't worked I'd have been googling 'How to tell if your computer is possessed by a demon?' :slight_smile:. Tricky fix for sure :thumbsup:
    Glad you got yours sorted :slight_smile: Enjoy :thumbsup:

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