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How to place a billboard / advertisement?

  • Hey Folks, i'm going crazy!

    I want to place a simple billboard with an advertisement (with Menyoo/Object Spooner) somewhere in the Map.
    When i place a billboard prop, there is no sign plate on it and i cant find somthing like this in the Object List.

    If somebody knows it, it would be great!!

  • What i learned until now, u can spawn billboard ads, but just in the near where they normaly appear in the world. Another thing i noticed, reflections doesn't work for manually spawnded billboard ads.

    So you need an exact name/hash for a billboard to spawn (with Menyoo ode Map Editor). Since te Mod "Map Info" is outdated, there is a nice tool called "Code Walker", which can load the GTA Map and let u Fly around in 3D. You can get detailed information about every object, like the exact name.

    If you want to place only one personalized billboard, u can use this sign for example. It should be load everywhere you are and is much easier to place. A billboard and a billboard ad are two different objects which you have to attach and align manualy.

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