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lighting bolts not visible during thunderstorm ?

  • hello everyone I got the latest game version. when I switch to thunder weather I can't see any lighting bolts . why is that ? i install visual v first then naturalvision. both latest versions I also got a menyoo trainer. oh and also I can't see clouds in clear weather. if anybody knows what causing this please tell me thank you in advance

  • @Kitten-blaster
    I don't have NVR installed so no idea how it is supposed to look (lightning stikes/Clear clouds visible?) but I've had a quick look at NVR's files & it looks to me like you should be able to see the lightning strikes anyway so I reckon your best bet is to:

    • Redownload NaturalVision ✪ Remastered
    • Go into the 'Manual Install' folder structure
    • Find 'vfxlightningsettings.xml', 'weather.xml', 'w_clear.xml' & 'w_thunder.xml'
    • Replace the in-game files with their namesake using OpenIV

    File Locations:



    w_clear.xml & w_thunder.xml:

    Take the four files from the NVR 'Manual Install' folder path & replace the in-game ones in the locations above.

    See if that makes any difference & let me know :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th thank you very much man.

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