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New Girl Gamer Needing Help With Installing Mods. Please Help Would Really Appreciate It. Thanks

  • Hi Everyone :)

    If you are taking the time to read this then I just want to say thank you because I have been stuck and its driving me crazy! I have recently purchased a new computer that is running windows 10, it has 8gb of ram, a gtx 1060 card and intel core i7 processor 8th gen, I'm totally new to the modding game and I'm finding it really hard to grasp it and would love it if someone could please explain as basic as possible what I have to do to install and run mods, all I have managed to do is install Native Trainer and as fun as that has been, running around in GTA 5 as a chimp throwing snowballs has now faded and I'm bored and would love some help :)

    If anyone could guide me as im a newbie that would be fantastic and much appreciated :)

    Thank You

    Emma x

  • @EmmaT123 Welcome :)

    It all depends on what sort of gaming experience you want. There are mods for adding / replacing vehicles, map mods, script mods, player and clothing mods, anything you want really - well nearly anything. I'd recommend having a read of the following first tho


    They should get you started as far as creating a mods folder (this prevents your mods being over written if you install em in the root folder), installing OPENIV and what files to edit / replace.

    Give me a shout if you get stuck on anything and good luck. It's a bit daunting at first but once you work it all out it opens up a whole world of fun ;)

  • @EmmaT123 Oh one more I found lol - this post https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/21568/complete-noob-that-s-not-grasping-the-tutorials/10

    Should help you out with setting up your gta folder.

  • @krissboo


    I have tried but I literally don't get it lol I used to use a mac so I think that's partly why I can grasp where all of the downloads go :( I'm at the point of giving up its driving me mad.

    Thanks for all the info I'm reading it now.

    Emma x

  • @EmmaT123 Don't give up - there's too much good stuff here for that.

    I'll start right at the beginning as that's prolly the best place to start ;)

    Basically you want to go to your GTA folder and create a new folder and call it 'mods'

    alt text

    then you COPY the RPF folders (x64a - x64w and common.rpf) I've highlighted in my pic into the mods folder you just created.

    Also what version of GTA have you got - Steam or Retail, and is your game on the latest update (After Hours)

    Let me know when you've done all that and I'll set you up with OPENIV and Scripthook etc.

  • @krissboo

    Thanks Hunny you are saving my life I really appreciate it :) I have done what you said to do and I'm ready for the next step, the way you explain things is so much easier lol.

    Thanks Hun

    Emma x

  • Hey,

    I downloaded GTA via steam, I'm just going to use the mods offline I know you can get banned online with mods


    Emma x

  • @EmmaT123 Hey it's all good, I like helping people out and this modding business is confusing even when you know what you're doing lol. Jus don't install a million mods straight away and break your game. Actually saying that, your game will break at some point as GTA is a sensitive, fragile thing when you mod it, but just gimme a shout and I'll help you fix it.

    And yeah playing with a modded gta can get you banned online, but as long as you got your openiv installed properly then it shouldn't let you play online without a warning.

    So onto the next step :)

  • @EmmaT123 You'll need to copy your "update" and "x64" folders into mods as well (sorry i forgot about those lol)

    Go here and download openiv http://openiv.com/

  • then go here and download script hook http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
    And also grab this https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/scripthookv-net

    shout me when you've got these and openiv downloaded :) Just in the middle of doing a mix so If I don't respond right away that's why.

  • I have downloaded everything :) i've saved it all on my desktop so I can find it all. The scripthook etc icon looks like 3 books with a belt wrapped around them lol

    I'm ready for the next stage

    I'm totally getting this now :) haha



  • @EmmaT123 said in New Girl Gamer Needing Help With Installing Mods. Please Help Would Really Appreciate It. Thanks:


    Err I jus noticed that scripthook v isn't donwloading properly for me - getting corrupted. i'll find another link for ya hang on

  • Okay Thanks

    What's your name btw?

    Emma x

  • @EmmaT123 Ok grab it from here https://www.grandtheftauto5.fr/telechargements/mods/25-script-hook-v/telecharger/

    hit the green telecharger button lol

    open the download and grab scripthookv.dll and place that with all your other files you downloaded.

    Jus noticed that community scripthookv is only a text file...you need to grab it from here https://github.com/crosire/scripthookvdotnet/releases/tag/v2.10.7 (jus click on ScriptHookVDotNet.zip under where it says ASSETS)

  • Cool, just done it its on my desktop :)


    Emma x

  • @EmmaT123 Right, hopefully you now have a couple of zip files and an openiv.exe on your desktop.

    start with running the OPENIV.exe

    Oops got ahead of myself lol.....Just let openiv install to default location.
    Then run it from the shortcut on your desktop.
    It should ask you where your GTA is located. Just point it to the install location (prolly program files/RockstarGames/GTA5) and follow the rest of the instructions. I kinda forgot exactly what it asks you cause I haven't had to install it for ages ;)

  • Hey,

    Done it, its come up with loads of files I think its done it :)


    Emma x

  • 0_1539436659663_43828313_337974820289316_478976977642979328_n[1].jpg

    I think ive sent a pic of what it looks like lol


    Emma x

  • @EmmaT123 Looks ok to me. Do the same with the 3 scripthookvdotnet files (scripthookvdotnet.asi scripthookvdotnet.dll and scripthookvdotnet.xml)

    You want to make a new folder in your main gta root called 'scripts' and place any downloaded scripts in there. I see you got dismemberment.ini in your root folder. Remove that mod (and all it's associated files) for now as it needs a bit of explaining to install properly.

  • @EmmaT123 Also if you hit reply or tag me in your posts I get a notification you've replied.

  • @krissboo

    Sorry I'm still new :)

    You have lost me what would you like me to do with them 3 files?

    I'm sorry if I'm annoying I just have no clue I might a swell work for Nasa haha!


    Emma xx

  • @EmmaT123 it's cool hun, don't worry. We all gotta start somewhere lol.

  • @EmmaT123 Drag the 3 files from scripthookvdotnet into your main gta folder.

  • @krissboo

    All I seem to have is the ScriptHookV.dll file that was in a bin file


    Emma xx

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