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[MISC] Modding Directory

  • I bought GTA V on steam sale, and have been trying to mod for over a week, non stop, and when I say non stop I mean up at 12pm UK, through to 11pm, that is a very long time, I am persistent.
    Anyway I have gone through several restarts (starting from scratch) to at least 100 videos on youtube, and many hours browsing this forum, for all my efforts to fail, every time, whether it be a small mistake I fixed or a huge fail and had to restart.
    My request is a scumbag one at that. I am hoping someone knows where I can download a pre modded GTA directory, I ask because I give up, totally pissed me off to the point where I am just saying fuck it.
    I know it is a scumbag move, and I am sorry I even ask but I just want some damn fun without the hassle, I am just a lone gamer like all of you, who is about to cry :(

    So I beg you, please direct me to a place that makes dreams come true :'( before I die of anger and sorrow and depression and asijdhbfiuasnhiokomndsianvbikjsdvc :(

    EDIT: I am so pissed off and tired, that I accidentally deleted my backup and currently redownloading the whole 64GB from steam :( I cri evritim

  • What I was trying to install was.
    Super Yacht
    fast & furious loading screens
    LUA plugin for ScriptHookV
    Map editor
    Marlowe Valley
    radar satelite view
    satelite map
    Realism dispatch enhanced

  • and I doubt someone would be kind enough but since 64gb is a lot, even splitting it into 2 files and uploading to https://mega.nz/ would be awesome, since there max size is 50gb

  • @CrimsonHazeTV Technically that's pirating by uploading that much of the game. Also that sounds like a waste of HDD space. Maybe I'll try to make a universal script in the future...

  • @OmegaKingMods Oh yeah, never thought about the implications of sharing the whole directory, forgive me I am really tired with all this and can not concentrate haha.
    That idea of a universal script sounds awesome, if you ever get round to it let me know :) and thanks for being helpful were most people would just scroll past and think "nope!"

  • @CrimsonHazeTV No problem I'll definitely look into it when I get some time. :smiley:

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