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ScriptHook & ScriptHookDotNet not loading

  • So, I just reinstalled my GTA after corrupting it's files, and I went to install the mods again (without loading the vanilla game first). When I was finished, I loaded the game, but none of the scripts or mods worked. It took me a long time to reinstall it and to add the mods back on it. Can someone tell me what did I do wrong?

  • @max20characters what is your game version? Have you updated script hook and scripthookvdotnet?
    We need more info to help you out.

  • @krissboo
    "What's your game version?" I got the lastest version 1.47, Steam edition and cracked (I used Script Hook many times on a cracked GTA and it worked, including the Natural Vision that isn't suppose to work on cracked.).
    "Have you updated script hook and scripthookdotnet?" No but today I was using the same version of the script hook and same mods and it was working.

  • @max20characters Cracked as in pirate version? Sorry bro, can't help you out i'm afraid. Against forum rules.

  • @krissbo Fair enough, I think what I did wrong was not load the game with the script hook only. Thanks.

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