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End key=car alarm?

  • Hello,

    I noticed the End key triggers the car alarm, however I cannot see any option in the key bind settings for that.
    How do I change it?

  • What mods do you have installed?

  • MP cars, some trainers, disable intro.
    I also have LSPDFR, ELS, but it happens when game is launched without rage plugin.


    Think that's sjaaks SNT

    For me that key also toggles DOF in my Reshade so every time I toggle DOF there's a chance the cops might come after me :D

  • I removed ELS, the function is still there.

    What does the End key does for the you guys (except ReNNie of course)?

  • Sometimes scripts add functions that the maker didn't say anything about. For example, one of my scripts sets the "Insert" key to refresh the game which is a nice feature.

  • @Haynoob A full list of the ASI files in the main GTA V directory and the .dll files in the scripts folder within the main GTA V directory (if you have that folder) would be useful.

  • It was Simple Trainer.
    In the ini file it had a key biding AlarmKey=35.


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