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Surprise 10.16.2018 GTA V Update Question - Script Hook V error

  • I've seen many people post about issues running Script Hook V over the past 48 hours, including myself. Best I can tell is that there was a game update that broke it and Script Hook V needs an update. I'm relatively new to modding so I'm not sure how long it takes for the devs to update the files. If I'm wrong about a fix, please let me know. Any info would be helpful.

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  • You to? Me to have a problem...in afternoon gta v made a small update about 975MB after that scripthoowk dosent work, and i have 1493 patch 1.44 scripthook last update too need to update scripthoowk pleas

  • I have the same problem with the scripthook...... i dont know why, it updated and suddenly it appears CRITICAL ERROR..

  • same.


    but still says game version 1493?? So frustrating on each update it breaks the game.

  • me problem too same error and i have 1493 version...i have toogle it and the version of gta is same 1493

  • Yep same, cause of the new GTA update.

  • @MIC97 That's because the error in the screenshot has 1.0.1493.0. The update affects GTAV.exe which is at version 1.0.1493.1 - https://imgur.com/93cYwgI

  • So we need a script hook update right?

  • @SlickyNL yeah i think so.

  • Yes and no. If you made a backup when AfterHours was launched, then just use the gtav.exe from it since that's the only thing that changed. I did that and I'm up and running again. Each time a new DLC hits, I make a backup of certain files from it so that when the next DLC comes out and breaks SHV, I can roll back and keep running until it gets patched and then I roll those files back to the new ones.

  • @Anonymoused281 good idea, but which files would i need to backup?

  • @S8on

  • But the game just want to update again after you put back those files right?

  • Hello,

    Ok, finally i managed to get this thing work yesterday and today my GTA V was updated to version -> 1.0.1493.1 so now it does not work.

    As i understand, it might work if you backed up these files, before the update.


    So that means, if anyone with a working version 1.0.1493.0 can send these files - it should work, right?

    Anyone who can upload these files while waiting for the Scripthook update.

    Best regards



    yesterday, 10.16.2018, R* rolled out a small anti-cheat update in the GTAV.exe file and also for the update.rpf file (a full 1GB
    download for a change in the version.txt inside now reading v.10.1493.1)

    you'll have to wait untill scripthook gets updated > http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/

    in future backup your .exe's and update.rpf so you can roll back to the previous version until that scripthook update is a fact

  • how many time we need to w8 so the new scripthook update?

  • To many time!

  • how go back to 1.0.1493.0?

  • I have encountered this error

  • @MIC97 My plan is to:

    1.Reinstall GTA V.
    2.Make the first updates then use a script to stop Automatic update

    1. Take backup of these files:


    1. play again

  • I got a back up version but how do we play on that version?

  • I found a YouTube video with the link to the old .exe file it seems to work for me


    Show this dude some love

  • Also guys here is the last socialclub.exe https://howfix.net/file/download-rockstar-games-social-club/

  • So can someone send me the latest backup files if someone has....... dammit rockstar why you have to do it . I thought it was just a bug fix or something similar to the one 2-3 weeks ago.. so I didn’t backup but shit !!!!

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