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Surprise 10.16.2018 GTA V Update Question - Script Hook V error

  • @Fabito48hd That is why you need to be the one to make backups (as stated earlier in this thread). This way you'll have more control over how well it'll work. Downloading someone else's file always carries a risk, While most may be genuine, there will always be someone with malicious intent packaging something nasty and making it seem legit until it's too late.

  • Does anyone know when Script Hook is going to update?

  • @Chiefsmith You never know maybe tomorrow next week, next month, 4 months or next year. The more people pressure the longer it gets. But last time when there was a update last year Alex took about a month for the update so you never know it maybe a month or 2 months no one knows but Alex who is the developer of the ScriptHookV. That is why its best to have a backup folder all the time.

  • @Anonymoused281 I haven't seen anyone in this thread with an attitude that matches yours. Calm down man, it'll be ok. Yeah, it will get updated when it gets updated and asking about it isn't going to make it happen any faster but getting an attitude with everyone that asks isn't helping anything either. I haven't seen anyone demanding anything. There are a lot of people like me that would like to see it updated asap but I think that goes for anyone that plays using mods. Calling people childish or entitled and saying they are making demands or have an attitude doesn't do much to trim the "needless garbage" from the community either.

  • @DrDecpticon I've got the same issue as well.

  • @kifjyi That is because the admins deleted the threads/posts already.

    And yes, those complaining that they "need" a mod updated asap or the continuous "my game broke, when will x be updated?' has gotten extremely old. You'd think by now people would actually read the damn stickied about updates and not post countless times on the same thing, hence the needless garbage comment. As far as the childish and entitled part, I find it applies to the aforementioned those that "need" instant updates each time R* applies a patch or DLC that makes some mods temporarily incompatible.
    Lastly - I'm normally not such a prick. At the time of the original writings, I had already stumbled upon ~5-6 posts (not counting comments on threads) of people whining about needing (not wanting) the update. I had my fill of it and vented as civilized as I could rather than getting more nasty than you already pointed out. As such I've deleted my post you were commenting about in order to 'help' somewhat.

  • I hope it comes soon... Fucking rockstar sending out pointless updates to ruin our games.

  • @Maxro To be fair, R* does not condone exploiting their game for running mods in SP or Online. Their primary focus is Online in order to attempt to fix the problem of ass hats using GTAO with hacks to ruin things for everyone. Plus the vanilla SP mode is unaffected by the patches. Modding technically violates the EULA. Not saying I'm siding with R*, and I get just as disappointed when this happens. Just saying that they don't owe us modders anything. I do wish that they supported SP modding more than merely not remotely disabling our games so that we can't even play them at all.

  • see, the problem is that Rockstar has updated the game. the latest version of the game is 1493.1. the latest supported version of the game (supported by scripthookV) is 1493.0. so we need to wait for the devs of scripthook to update it.

  • Does anyone one know when ScriptHookV AB will actually be updated. I'm posting this at /21/10/2018.

  • @Rogans no

  • Maybe updated 1 week 1 month to a year or never no one knows only the DEVs know so we wait!

  • I mean ScriptHook is the ONLY thing that make everyone mod work. The developer should be more turned on He is just making everyone wait. It's been about 4-5 days now.

  • R* and Take2 is suing all Mod developers so it wouldn,t surprise me if this is the end and never gets updated.

  • where can social club be found to back it up

  • I don't see anything saying that they are suing ALL mod developers. Cnbc names a few in their article that make mods for online play and the lawsuit is apparently in Australia. As far as I know, you can't use ScripthookV online but I could be wrong. Offline modding doesn't take any money out of R*'s pockets so I don't know why they would spend a lot of money on legal fees fighting something that doesn't do them any harm. As far as online modders go, I hope they hammer them hard. They're the reason you can't afford to buy anything in GTAV-O. Online modders have drove up the price of anything you buy online. It's just like shoplifters in department stores... they get what they want for free but the rest of us have to pay for it.

  • For your infos you can install graphics mods, custom cars, etc... from gta5mods without SHV, stop believe the SHV do that, it's OpenIV, the SHV is only for scripts/sp mods menus ! As far as the Mod developer's go they have indeed went after several and gave them C&D. Infamous, Menyoo, and Absolute to name a few. Modders don't make Gtav_o prices high ,that the greed of R* and Take2 for the benefit of their shareholders.

  • @Rogans said in Surprise 10.16.2018 GTA V Update Question - Script Hook V error:

    I mean ScriptHook is the ONLY thing that make everyone mod work. The developer should be more turned on He is just making everyone wait. It's been about 4-5 days now.

    It's a little thing called a life. He's not doing this for a living or getting paid (other than maybe donations if he's lucky) for doing all of this. He works on it in his spare time. Stop being a child stating that he's making everyone wait as though he's getting off on it or some such crap.
    If you can do better, than how about you use the SDK and build your own and send out fully patched 100% working with zero bugs on the same day as the R* updates.

  • @cjmania That's because Menyoo had a paid($) online hacking menu and a seperate story mode trainer that was free of charge ($) and used pieces of OIV's code to do it, that's why they went after OIV too even though they are innocent of enabling online modding. OIV won't even let you get into GTAO, neither does SHV.

  • All we can do is wait. I've just been playing other games in the meantime. GTA is one of my favorites but it's not the only game I own. I don't have the Steam version and I didn't have a backup at the time of the 1493.1 update so it's either that or play the game without all my cool graphics and car add-ons. I just check here everyday for an update. One day (hopefully), it will be there. Then the planets will align, the clouds will part, and the world will start to turn again. ;-)

  • @cjmania If you think online modders have nothing to do with how R* sets prices for it's online content, you are sadly mistaken. They may very well be greedy but every online modder is just someone taking money out of their pockets. Either by getting something that R* sells for free or by running off the people who do spend money on GTA-O. The easiest way for them to make up for the lost revenue is to raise their prices, essentially forcing the ones that play by the rules to make up the difference. Sure, it sucks for the legit online players but judging by the ongoing popularity of GTA-O, it isn't bothering them too much.

  • how i can downgrade the version to 1493.0? i have social club version

  • @kifjyi I do the exact same. I also did not backup my game bit sad. However you can backup your game with the RageHookPlugin is very simple to do and you don't need a lot of time. I strongly suggest you did it, I hope Script Hook updates very soon because I've been very bored. Haha


    @MIC97 replace the .exe's and update folder in the new update with the ones from the old update. i still play on SSASSS

  • Does anyone know Alexander on a personal level? Is there any reason why he doesn't interact with the GTA community anymore or am I missing a forum somewhere? I am in no way a modder or coder, I won't sit here and pretend in the slightest that I know what he's doing or how long it should take. I understand completely that the man has a personal life which is much more important than this. However, I would at least appreciate some reassurance or even a quick message that states he's alive and well, trying to find some time in his personal life to work on an update. The fact that it's taking long is not an issue for me, but being left in the dark is. Again, I understand that he gains absolutely nothing from giving us assurance, but as someone who's been using Scripthook from day one and has NEVER complained, I feel it's not asking for much. Hopefully, this didn't come out snobby and demanding as that was not my intention.

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