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Need help about vehicles.meta for add-on cars

  • Hello, I have some questions about vehicles.meta. (Two actually)
    1)-My problem is I have added some addon cars (in this example case, I'll only use Benefactor Schwartzer Classic by Vanillaworks Team).
    -I added the cars to popgroups.ymt & have it spwaned in traffic no problem until here.But my problem is the car spawning too frequently (I already know what to do about this thanks to a63nt-5m1's tutorial).My question is how can I add Schwartzer Classic's entry to vehicles.meta since it's an add-on mod?
    2-)I also want to change frequency of some dlc cars in traffic (Torero in this case because it's an oldschool supercar which should make it even rarer) but when I navigate to mods (Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5\vehicles.meta) path, I cannot see Torero entry in meta file(in fact it looks like there's no dlc vehicles in it but not certain of it), so I think I'm dealing with wrong meta file.Could anyone help me for that specific manner.

    Thanks for any help in advance

  • @BooRoK You could take a look at this mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/versatile-traffic

    Instructions for modifying the values are with the mod somewhere ;)

  • @BooRoK

    1 ) -
    The 'vehicles.meta' for the 'Benefactor Schwartzer Classic by Vanillaworks' is here:


    Note: There are tons of vehicles/handling/carcols/carvariations.meta's etc spread all over the game. As you have now figured you need to find the right one for the car you are editing etc. Add-on cars usually have the files installed inside their 'dlc.rpf' :thumbsup:

    Tip: In OpenIV 'Ctrl+F3' can be used to search for files by name. Use this to find & extract files to a windows explorer folder system that mirrors that of the game. Place the files in the correct place (same as in-game folder structure but using windows folders instead).
    You will then be able to use a search program (Agent Ransack for example) to search for car names etc inside the files you extracted. The folder structure you find the file in will tell you where the file is located in-game. :thumbsup:

    2 ) -
    The 'Torero' 'vehicles.meta' is here:


    Note: As with certain other dlc's there are 2 versions of this 'mpgunrunning' 'vehicles.meta'. One in the 'dlc_patch' folder structure above & another in the 'dlcpacks' folder structure here:


    The version of the file in the 'dlc_patch' folder structure (inside 'update.rpf') will always be the version of that file loaded by the game over the 'dlcpacks' version so always edit the one in 'update.rpf\dlc_patch' (if it exists) to see those changes in-game. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Thanks for detailed explanation!So as for addon cars I just need to check what's inside their respective meta in their dlc directory and edit what's inside of it and no need to add an entry in any custom vehicles.meta, did I understand correctly, right?
    And as general what I get is there is no just one vehicles.meta but each dlc has their own veh.meta and I need to simply find the vehicle of its respective dlc and edit "dlc_patch" to override the effects over other dlcs?Correct?

    Either way, I'll try and play those files.
    A big thank you a63nt-5m1th

  • @BooRoK
    Yeah, add-on vehicles data files (handling/vehicles/carcols/carvariations.meta etc) are nearly always in the same 'dlc.rpf' as the vehicle ('.yft'). :thumbsup:

    'dlc_patch' vs 'dlcpacks':

    If the file exists in the 'dlc_patch' folder structure:


    You edit that file to see changes in-game.

    If the file does NOT exist in the 'dlc_patch' folder structure but instead exists in a 'dlcpacks' folder structure:


    Then you edit the one in the 'dlcpacks' folder structure to see changes in-game).

    It should be easy enough to suss out. If you make changes & they don't appear in-game there is probably another file (usually in 'update.rpf') overriding the one you edited.

    The best advise I can give you is to follow the tip I posted in my previous post about extracting files & creating a folder structure in windows that is the same as it is in-game/in openiv. That way you will find any duplicates with a simple search for a car name etc :thumbsup:
    Best of luck :slight_smile:

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