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Assassin's Creed Controlling Pet Eagle [SCRIPT]

  • Hi,
    In the new game of Assassin's creed Odyssey or Origins, you are able to Swap to your pet which is Eagle or in Odyssay they call (Ikaros) and then control it and fly around to spy on outposts or explore.

    So i thought if someone is able to create similar on GTA V using animal "Hawk".
    I saw there are some mods like Character swap, by @Unknown Modder but not sure if we can use animals.

    The mod will looks like this: Spawn "Hawk" in the sky using any key and flying around, whenever we swap to character the "Hawk" will disappear and if we swap back to "Hawk" it will appear in the sky over the player flying and it can be invicible or if "Hawk" dies, or killed, we will swap automatically to the character, when we spawn the "Hawk" character will remain in the same position and not disappear. Looks simply first time as about coding side i'm not sure. If someone wants to take this over, i'll appreciate it and many of us will.

    Thank you

    Here is a simple video of new game AS Odyssey

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