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Reduce recharge time on Stun gun?

  • Hello all.

    I'm trying to tweak the stun gun a bit.
    So far so good, but I cant seem to reduce the recharge time.
    Can this be changed in the weapon.meta file? if so which line do I need to edit?
    Also what is the max distance a weapon can shoot in GTA V?


  • @Oraclexxx

    Stun Gun Fire Rate:

            <Item type="CWeaponInfo">

    Edit (reduce) this value (below) to fire Stungun faster:

              <TimeBetweenShots value="2.800000" />

    You may need to tweak other values & files depending on what you want to achieve overall for the Stun Gun but try that^ on it's own first & see what you get :thumbsup:

    Also there is a mod called Better Stun Gun that does similar (increased range/faster recharge etc. Multiple versions with different stats available).

  • @a63nt-5m1th tnx buddy. Yea I'm using that as a template. Wasn't sure if it was still working with the newest updates. Also in that mod the no recharge doesn't work anymore. Guess due to patches

  • @Oraclexxx said in Reduce recharge time on Stun gun?:

    the no recharge doesn't work anymore

    You could try setting:

              <TimeBetweenShots value="0.000000" />

    to something tiny like:

              <TimeBetweenShots value="0.010000" />


              <TimeBetweenShots value="0.100000" />

    That way there IS a recharge time but it is so fast it won't get in the way. Just make sure it is faster than you can pull the trigger & you're sorted :thumbsup:

    What is it exactly that you want to achieve with the Stungun? Long range/instant fire etc?

  • Oh nothing special really. Im using the just cause mod using the stun gun as my major grappling gun. I want long range so I can grab planes too. Sandbox gimmick I guess :)
    Thnx for the help guys!

  • I tried editing the <TimeBetweenShots value, but the recharge doesnt change. The edited distance did change in game.. It there another setting that overwrites it somehow? @a63nt-5m1th

  • Hi.

    Editing <TimeBetweenShots value="2.800000" /> is seriously all you have to do, to minimize the recharge time.

    If you don't see an immediate effect of this edit in your game, it could be because JulioNIB has written his script in a way where it overrides some of weapons.meta settings.

    To make sure I was right I did a quick test and changed the value to 0.500000, and as expected I saw a drastic reduction in the time it took to recharge the stungun.

    Also earlier did year I played around with electrical weapons and changed the assualt riffle to this :100:

    [link text]

    (link url)

    I hope this has been helpful, or at least informative.

    Have a nice day and happy modding.

  • I guess I can test without using JulioNIB mods. tnx for thinking along! :)
    Will let you know the results

  • EDIT

    Got it to work guys. Was running still an outdated OpenV.Asi


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