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[Tutorial] MLO Interiors part 1 [placing vanilla interiors anywhere]

  • MLO interiors are placed different than other map objects. For normal objects (like land, buildings, trees etc. ) are used ymaps to place them.
    For interiors are used:

    1. ytyp
    • to define objects
    • place them inside interior
    • “attach” them to every room
    • define rooms and portals (this I will explain in part 2 of tutorial)
      Everything above in one ytyp
    1. ymap
    • to place whole interior with attached objects and collision
    1. _manifest.ymf
    • to define all ytyps and ymaps and “connect” them

    This tutorial will be based on custom DLC and will be split to 3 parts:
    MLO Interiors part 1 [placing vanilla interiors anywhere]
    MLO Interiors part 2 [editing vanilla interiors]
    MLO Interiors part 3 [creating custom interior]
    (It takes some time to make it, which I don’t have enough cuz of my work.)
    Example DLC for this tuto:

    Recording by OBS from CW is laggy dunno y, will try to fix it in part2.


    @Dekurwinator you are the best, ty for sharing your knowledge so freely bro!

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