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i cant upload this mod i dont know why can someone upload it for me ?

  • ive been making a joker 2019 mod a arkham knight Retexture, and its just saying for 2 days now, "This file is still pending admin approval. Check the My Uploads page to see the review status of all your uploads". for 2 days now i just dont know, anymore can someone upload it for me ? i just want it here for other people and for me if the file will ever get deleted.


    this one?


    I've seen it come and go in the queue a couple of times

    After you upload, we inspect
    That's what the message says. Allow up to 48 hrs as some of us staff are actual living creatures

    Next time, don't include links that mega etc inside the archive, no need

  • @ReNNie thanks i see you put it back, and yeah sorry about mega i just tried a lot, even with the other file and it still did the same, thats why i tried that sorry, and thx again bro. : D

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