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Mountains flickering in Rockstar Editor

  • Hi Folks,

    I'm having a real annoying issue in rockstar editor, when rendering and in the final product, mountains in the background of shots will flicker like in these pictures -

    Im using Retail game version 1.0.1290.1 and exporting with Extended Video Exporter 0.4.4

    Also Using Natural Vision Remastered with Visual V

    I can't see anything out of place in the log files of OpenIV, openCameraV, NoBoundryLimits etc... Here is the log from E.V.E. - https://pastebin.com/JytA7WjH

    If anyone has any idea of what might be going on please let me know, cheers!

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • dude this is the same problem i have. its a shame that people arent replying here. im 100 percent certain most people with updated game will have 2 problems, eve crashing when u export a long video, and also screen flashes.
    from my research its something to do with the nvidia drivers,
    secondly most imp.
    if u exporting at higher than ur screen res like 4k, or whatever, use msi afterburner and monitor, RAM and VRAM usage.
    i have a 1060 and i get 8fps at 4k ultra settings, i just activate 4k only for exporting the video, before that i capture and edit clips at 1080p normal settings, once im done i go 4k for export, and then the gpu usage is almost 5.8 to 6gb usage and RAM usage easuily goes up to 11 to 12gb when at 4k ultra either while gameplay or export. fps is very low anyway so i use only for render.

    so in this case most of the time i can export well, but sometimes there is flashing and flickering, but as i know it, its coz of all these texture heavy mods we have, when the gpu and ram usage nearly gets close to its max limit, or exceeds, thats when the flashing and all occurs.
    i noticed since my gpu can handle 1080p very well , when i export video in 1080p i dont get any flashes at all.
    mostly happens in some videos when i render in 4k with ultra coz its kind of beyond what my gpu can handle, so probably if u get a better gpu, less chance of flickering and flashes

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