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Is that possible to create liverys for non livery cars?

  • I have createt a livery and i want a livery on my GLE 63s and i don't know why it is not working I have copied the gle63s_sign_1.dds file to gle63s.ytd but it does not work, help me pls

  • @DK420187 the model it self have to be set to support liveries...if model don't support liveries you can add how many liveries you want to the .ytd and it will not work.

    If model had liveries before just replace any of old liveries. Adding new one will not work again because model is set to support for example 3 liveries and if you add 4th, it will not work. You have to replace existing one only.

  • @ArmaniAdnr Is it possible to set the mod so that he supports liverys?

  • @DK420187 if I'm right, if model support liveries is set up in the zmodeler what mean you need unlocked model to do it...most of model is not unlocked, you can just try to ask the author of that model if he can send you unlocked model to do it

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