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Need help to fix car taillight....

  • Hey guys,

    As title suggests, some of the Add-on cars that I have installed have this weird yellow looking taillight which am trying to fix and make it look red/normal.
    (Note:- The taillight might look yellow at certain time of the day only [ i.e look yellow only at night or day time ] )

    Graphical mods installed :- 1) VisualV
    2) NVR + ENB

    I can actually play a bit with some ENB settings and get the yellow light turn red but it mess up everything else.

    alt text

  • @OneShotDown
    You're probably talking changing the colour of the texture in the vehicle's '.ytd'.
    If the perceived colour of the taillights change depending on time of day it may be tricky to find the right balance.
    What car is that BMW M4 exactly? If you link to the mod I'll have a play about with it & see what I can suss out :thumbsup:

  • It's caused by your graphics mods. They emphasize the orange/yellow colors (even though you can hardly see them in the texture) and make them appear completly orange or yellow.

    Just edit the texture and remove or lower the green/blue values.

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