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Can it be said that this is online cheating?

  • I made a software that includes online functions. After connecting to the same software that other people are running, you can press the shortcut key to close GTA5.
    The connection mentioned here is not GTA5 online. You can use the software online without opening the game, because this software does not depend on any other software.
    When used to do the Critical Mastermind challenge, the game is quickly closed before the progress is saved after the failure, so that the challenge is not reset.
    And after the Challenge Mastermind challenge, you can get 10 million. This is the challenge that Rockstar official gives you.

    After I released this software, it was rejected by the administrator and will be deleted, @ReNNie said:
    "Any file that can be used for cheating online
    No matter what you say, we won't allow this
    Do not re-upload"

    Maybe my English is not very good, the introduction of Google Translate looks weird, but I wrote it in great detail, and the translation back to Chinese contrasts the meaning without much error.

    Is it because the introduction I wrote did not make people understand? Or does this software belong to online cheating and cannot be released?

    The following picture is the introduction I wrote, because I did not pass the review, so I mosaic the software name.

    alt text

  • Perhaps you need to better describe the mod. I immediately thought that this was a tool for cheating just by the title you gave for it ("get 10 million"). What is this tool supposed to be used for?

  • @Jitnaught
    GTAOL has a challenge called Criminal Mastermind. The official introduction is this:
    Only professional need apply. This is the ultimate challenge. Complete all 5 Heists in full on hard difficulte, in order, with the same team and with out losing a single life.
    With this software, as long as four people open the software, when someone dies, that is, when they fail, as long as one of them presses the shortcut key, then the four people will close the game together.
    Closing the game before saving, the progress of this challenge will not be reset, so I said "Easy to Criminal Mastermind get 10 million"
    My English is very poor, I don't know how to describe this. These are all Google Translated
    So I wrote in the introduction very detailed, it should be able to see what is going on, but the administrator did not look carefully, and said that no matter what I say, it is not allowed to upload this. Really sad.

  • https://www.google.com/search?q=GTA+Criminal+Mastermind
    Many Chinese players know this challenge, so I mistakenly think that the title of Criminal Mastermind will not be misunderstood.


    To my understanding it's a piece software you run while playing GTA V online with friends doing that Criminal Masterminds mission.

    Then when things go sour, you use the functionality of that software to bail out and trick the game so it won't register the failure of the mission.

    Thus, to me, it's cheating online.

  • @ReNNie Okey, I don’t post this.

  • @ReNNie
    If so, is this software also an online cheat?
    GTAOnline offers a one-person online mode, but does not allow your CEO to ship.
    By intercepting game connections and making the game considered open, it is possible to ship goods in a single-player battle.
    The game design is to let the player bear the risk of shipping, and the function of using the software does not have this risk.

    I mistakenly thought that as long as I don’t modify the game technically, it’s not cheating.


    @WGzeyu said in Can it be said that this is online cheating?:

    is this software also an online cheat?

    no, it's totally unrelated to the game itself:

    A tool to setup your GTA5 firewall rules easily

  • @ReNNie However, the one I released will not modify the game. The function is to close the game with one button at the same time. It can also be set to disable the network card with one button.
    Maybe I understand that it is different from you.

  • This is the source part of the software that will do the operation. Closing the game is done by ending the process. The disconnection of the network and the disconnection of the process are all through netsh, which is the firewall rule just mentioned.

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