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Uploading new versions with the same version number.

  • As you've no doubt seen, I have an uncanny knack of taking an age to release an update, then manage to leave something in that requires an immediate re-upload. This isn't ideal, for me, you @rappo or the users of the site.

    If I re-upload something with the same version number and filename, will that cause a problem with the way the site handles incremental updates? Or should I just stick to minor version number changes and leave it at that?

    And to make things worse, whilst typing this I have just realised that the version 3.1 I have uploaded, says v3.0 in the mod. :angry: This is why I shouldn't upload things at stupid o'clock...

  • @LeeC2202 No it won't cause any problems with the site, maybe just confusion for downloaders. Once approved, you can change the version number to whatever you want without requiring re-approval.

  • @rappo Yeah, I would only ever do this with an immediate re-upload. If any time had passed, then I wouldn't do it.

    Thanks again and once more, I apologise for making you re-approve a just uploaded version. :(


    A nice addendum for people would be something like

    (no version change)

    • Minor fix #1
    • Minor fix #2

    Also saves you from wasting time updating docs and stuff.

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