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Running the game problem, NOT mod specific but PC specific...

  • My old computer was an MSI Apache Pro 17" laptop, with 32 GB of ram & a 2 GB nvidia video card. It ran the game well, not great but it ran it. I could load a boatload of mods and had very few problems. I was on default settings of the graphic settings in the GTA menu (except I upped pop density and vehicle density). I used a modded gameconfig and it rarely crashed except when I'd load it with too many mods...and I really had a lot (cars, peds, maps, many scripts and asi files, etc). While I had a lot in here, my gameplay wasn't bad, it was solid and my framerates were around 30 and I could live with that.

    I got a new laptop, an HP ZBook 17" laptop with 32 GB and 4 GB nvidia card...I'd think I'd have the same or better results and I do not. I can't load more than a few maps, no cars, a few peds and that's it. Its framerate drops below 20 and I literally do NOT have that much on it. I've even played it bare w/ just the scripthook, nativeui and community script hook and one or two other mods including enhanced native trainer and my frame rates are still below 20 and if I add even 1/3rd of what I had on my old computer the game's framerate goes down to low single digits...as low as 2 or 3 fps...

    I've tried to adjust graphic card settings, game settings, a variety of gameconfigs, and I'm stumped. I ran moderately modded GTA on my old laptop for over 2 yrs and never really had this kind of problem. However, after 3 weeks with the new laptop, I'm amazed how crappy my game experience is compared to the older/less powerfull/less video memory laptop...

    Does anyone have suggestions on how I should be setting my graphics in the game settings and the graphic card settings??

    Here's the specs of the laptop I am using..

    Processor: Intel Core i7-6820HQ CPU @2.70 ghz (Intel's website says this is a for 4 core, 8 thread processor)
    Ram: 32 GB
    OS: Windows 10 Pro
    Video Card: NVidia Quadro M3000M w./ 4 GB ram and an Intel HD Graphics 530 with 4 GM ram (total shared memory 16 GB).
    Video Settings:

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