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Mods not working

  • Recently, I've updated GTA V to v1.0.1493.1 and i installed the new scriphook for the current version. It's good that it can load the game, scripts, trainer. But, something was missing and my mods folder didn't even load. I opened the scripthookv.log and didn't even found a single trace of openiv.asi and also no enablempcars.asi.

    The game only loads scripts now but mods aren't working. I really don't know what to do. Can somebody help me with this? Thanks.

  • Are you sure the Script Hook V is up to date? And also that all the files of the Script Hook V and the OpenIV.asi are present in the main directory of the game? If yes, then you should consider removing and reinstalling the extensions. It helps most of the times.

    Note: Also consider seeing if you've updated copies of the MS Framework and the visual studio.


    Reinstall openiv.asi

  • @Reacon i reinstalled openiv.asi 4 time hoping it would be registered in scriphookv.log but not working. :(

  • Anyone have any solution for this? I'm having the same issue. I've also reinstalled openIV.asi and It still doesnt work.

    Here's how my installation folder looks.


    oddly enough, it works in Codewalker, but when in game the edited files don't show.

  • @Van_Zandt You need to copy all the rpf files and the update & x64 folder to your mods folder
    watch this tutorial for more information,

    Credits to Albo1125 for the video.

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