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Can't install new update

  • After I saw messages that new update which need scripthoook update is up I didn't started it till scripthoook update. Now I just downlaoded new scripthook and gameconfig. So I just start PlayGTAV and game start upload update.

    After downloading game write me message called 'Grand Theft Auto V - Setup' which says 'Sorry, Grand Theft Auto V isn't on this system. Please reinstall the game and try again'. But social club in backgroudn is writing 'Installing update...', when I click on that message button "ok" (no another button there) Social club stop showing 'Installing update...' and show 'Installation failed. Please exit and try again.'

    I'm like WTF ? Never saw this problem before. Have anyone expeeriences with this or any ideas what would be problem? I tryed delete mods folder but it didn't help.

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