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GTA V mods problem

  • Hi,

    guys please help me with installing modes? I've looked over 20 tutorials and there is no chance that the modes will show up in the game.
    The game is installed on D: \ Games \ Rockstar Games \ Grand Theft Auto V, and backup where the modes are installed are in D: \ Games \ Rockstar Games \ Grand Theft Auto V
    I have pure installation of last updated game (1.0.1493.1) and I update the ScriptHook to 1.0.1493.1

    OpenIV is on C: \ Disk

    On the third picture (imgur link) shows Slash vice versa of these others, as follows:


      <Item> dlcpacks: \ NVR_carcols \ </ item>
      <Item> dlcpacks: \ NVR_emissive \ </ item>
      <Item> dlcpacks: \ NVR_textures \ </ item>
      <Item> dlcpacks: \ LA_ROADS \ </ item>

    That was so after installing modes so I do not know if it should be normal Slash /?
    No Trainer can be included in the game (Button F4).

    I do not know where the error is, so someone who knows, thank you very much for your help.

  • I installed NaturalVision ✪ Remastered and car pack

    Nothing shows up...

  • @maurer you are typing the slash in the wrong way...

    Or you could just see the examples by the already there dlc list...

    Make sure to read the READ ME.TXT files before you proceed further with mods installation.

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