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Gauntlet Everywhere Missing Texture regardless which install methode used

  • Hello,

    Im trying to install the mod: Gauntlet Everywhere, however the texture seems not the be loading in game properly White/flickering. I tried the replacement methode and add prop way. When checking the files in OpenIV they seems fine. Im not really sure what is going on.. Do you guys have a clue whats up? thanks!

  • I tried useing the Fake odin gauntlet mod which replaced the knuckles, and that one did seem to work. I have no clue what is going on. both mods a from the same author, so expect he did reuse the model and textures. Anyone has a clue what is going on?

  • anyone any idea why this is happening? is it due to it being emissive?
    Tried using the textures from the "fake gauntlet" but the results are the same.

    I'm clueless here...

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