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help replace mods not working

  • when i click the replaced file in open 1v it shows the replaced model (the one i want )
    but ingame the model wont change

  • @manofsteel12322
    In OpenIV hit 'Ctrl+F3' & search for the name of the model you want (bullet.yft etc) to replace.
    Search in 'mods' folder (Search box drop down selection box) if you are using a 'mods' folder. If you are not using a mods folder, you should be)
    Replace the files ('.yft'/'.ytd') of the vehicle you find in the highest patchday ('patchday##ng' etc) folder structure.
    Alternatively, just drop the files (into the correct location where the other vehicle files are. 'vehicles.rpf' usually) in the highest patchday##ng folder you have installed (even if they are not there already) & they will appear in-game. :thumbsup:

  • can it be because im not using mods folder
    also cant find a patchday folder


    @manofsteel12322 you need to use a mod folder for replace vehicles

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